Escape Rooms

Teams are locked away in a themed room and challenged to solve all the clues and puzzles around them to escape before the timer hit 0!


A vengeful villain has wreaked havoc on Cape Town after defeating the heroes who defend it. The MARBLE agency has recruited you, the civilians, to use the few powers that have been left to save the city.

Escape Plan

Two inmates had planned the perfect escape but have been transferred to another prison. You and your cell mates have been moved to their cells presenting a small window of opportunity for your own escape. Find ‘The Plan’, breakout and stay out! This is your only chance!

The Old Hotel

Enter the world of the mysterious Mr. O – a once prominent author who had taken residence in this dilapidated hotel room. Your team must uncover the truth about his suspicious disappearance before the building is demolished.

Cursed Treasure

You and your team are on a mission to recover lost treasures only to discover that they are protected by an ancient spell. You must break the curse and escape or risk being trapped forever!


You have boarded the lost ship of Captain Kalman in search of the Royal Family’s stolen sacred Jewels. You must recover the jewels before the approaching storm hits and sinks you and the ship forever!


An allied submarine just vanished from your radar and the enemy is lurking! Locate the threat, arm the torpedoes and secure the perimeter. Ensure you and your crew make a safe return to the surface before it’s too late!

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